Artist Statement:

My art primarily highlights themes related to my personal sexuality, humor, and lifestyle.  My passion for art started at age 7 drawing the longest RV’s I could fit on paper. I then advanced to cutting out paper earrings that I fastened with thumbtacks. Jumping continents and a few years ahead I’ve been involved in many controversial things, including the adult industry, which is where I became well-known.

I studied interactive media in college, but my art didn’t come together until I realized I could combine it with the sexual part of my life. In a way replacing the video camera on my face and crotch with a canvas and paint.

I’m inspired by the freedom to live my life as I please. I can use my body for art or pornography, sell it or expose it. My influences come straight from within me – exhibitionism, intimacy, and playfulness.

I have several series of art pieces constructed with different mediums that have been a pleasure to create.

My art for me represents my views that sex and nudity are natural and should be shared more openly.  Let’s face it, without sex you and I wouldn’t even exist!  Thank you for joining me in this journey.